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The Surprise Trump victory is a shock but not likely a reason to have a knee jerk reaction to sell; in the long run, it is corporate profits and not political parties that are our focus.   While the US stock market continues to be an attractive place to invest, there is some good news for certain market sectors and some potential bad news for others.   We have already taken pre-emptive action by harvesting some profits and raising cash in some of our portfolio models- based on your personal risk tolerance and custom financial plan- to be redeployed at appropriate times. 

Although there is always uncertainty with investing (that’s what makes a market) the knowledge of what the next 2-4 years looks like for the presidential administration and the congress does help create some stability by removing one major unknown.   Yes, interest rates, inflation, deflation, China, European Union, Brexit, ISIS, global terrorism, Iran, Middle East turmoil, US national debt, budget deficits, and geopolitical concerns will continue to be a concern.   However, increasing corporate profits, low interest rates, effective tax reform, and fiscal stimulus all argue for possible outcomes leading to continued market and economic growth.  In a normalized economy, based on historical data, a recession will eventually happen and is usually healthy for the economic cycle.  If productivity increases, our economy may achieve more growth and enhanced, more pervasive prosperity before the next economic slowdown. 



Steve Erken, CFP®
November 9, 2016

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